Cairns Kids Martial Arts Classes

Brad Hope Family Martial Arts’ Kids Martial Arts and Kinder Kicks classes are a fun activity that will enhance every aspect of your child’s life. Brad Hope Family Martial Arts’ dedicated instructors have designed an incredible Kids Martial Arts program that focuses on life skills such as goal-setting, integrity and discipline to make your child a great person inside and outside of the dojang.

Smithfield Kids Material Arts programs at Brad Hope Family Martial arts!

  • Tiny Tigers (3 to 5 Years)

Brad Hope Family Martial Arts provides a safe, comfortable, family environment for our Tiny Tigers that is brimming with encouragement and inspiration to help your child grow physically, mentally and socially. Our students gain confidence, basic self-defence and bully prevention techniques as well as important life skills.

  • Pandas (5 to 7 Years)

Our Pandas program offers a fun and exciting martial arts class that teaches focus and respect for adults and their fellow students along with basic martial arts techniques that develop general movement skills such as coordination, balance, strength and self-defence.


  1. Memory & Discipline
  2. Control
  3. Balance
  4. Focus & Team Work
  5. Fitness & Co-ordination
  • Wolves (8 to 12 Years)

With Brad Hope’s Wolves program, we help our students not only pursue results, but to love the journey. Our students will gain unshakeable confidence, self-control and improved self-esteem. Our Wolves program focuses on important values such as manners, focus, discipline and attention to details as keys to efficient learning.


  1. Concentration
  2. Perseverance
  3. Courage
  4. Intensity
  5. Speed Agility & Flexibility

The best Kids & Family Martial Arts Program in smithfield is at Brad Hope Family Martial Arts!

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Benefits Of Cairns Kids Martial Arts

  • Greater Overall Health & Fitness
  • Learn Bully Prevention & Self-Defence
  • Increased Concentration & Focus
  • Develop Character & Discipline
  • Improved Goal-Setting
  • Increased Confidence & Self-Esteem