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Women Empowered was created by Grand Master Brad Hope in March 2016.



Women Empowered was created by Grand Master Brad Hope in March 2016.

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The Philosophy of Traditional Hapkido
The Hapkido student will learn to apply the basic three principles of this Martial Art.

Circle Theory, Won:
Every person has their own circle, which is their private territory. When an opponent penetrates this circle, it should be received in a circular, fluid movement by leading the force in circular movement, it will minimize its impact. Using the circular movement it will not only disrupt and upset the attacker’s harmony but also setting up the attacker for a counterattack.

Water theory, Yoo:
One should not try stopping an attack by opposing to force by force, but to redirect it to the sides or to follow through with the opponent’s movement and defeat him by his own force. By diverting the flow of force, the attack can be minimized with less energy consumed by the defender.

Theory of Harmony, Hwa:
Harmony is one of the most important elements that need to achieve in Hapkido. It is a combination of mind, body, techniques and environment. First one has to have harmony within one’s self to harmonize with others and be able to read the attacker’s mind easily. The next step is to find a harmony in the environment and finally combining it all together to master Hapkido.